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Project: SSHT

SSHT is also known as Secure SHell Tracker. Think of it like a tracker for your ssh connections. I wrote it a long time ago to help keep track of all my connections. It has evolved a bit since then. As of this writing I’m at version 1.3. I know this program (more of a script right now) could be useful to many Linux admins. The problem? It is hard to find. I’m trying to get on the list at Google if you type “ssh tracker.” Unfortunately it only works if you type “SSHT” or “Secure shell tracker.” I hope in the future I can get this script out to the wild for everyone to enjoy. Check it out at

SSHT Version 1.2.1 Released Today

Update! Version 1.2.2 is now out. I had a bug fix to address. Below is the original post from December 21st with the release of version 1.2.


I have finished coding and testing SSHT v1.2, it is available to download on sourceforge… well hopefully. I uploaded it today and for some reason it’s still only showing v1.1 to download. We just may have to wait a couple days and see what happens. As soon as I see the problem resolved I will edit this post to reflect the changes. So go download, try it out, and post in our Forum telling me what you think or any problems you may encounter. Thank you.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, SSHT stands for “Secure SHell Tracker.” I love acronyms.


Post note: My bad, I missed an option on Problem Resolved, now go download it!