My First Impressions of the Android G1

Yesterday I received my new Android G1 phone from T-Mobile. It’s very slick, semi decent speeds (3G is NOT available here yet). I do however have a few beefs with the phone, and I’m trying to determine if I wish to keep it or not.

First, the battery life SUCKS! If it’s used like a normal phone (for calls, and texts) it’s pretty good (at least that’s what they tell me, I’ll find out tomorrow). Today I used the screen a lot (15 min of gaming, and about 30 to 45 min on the web). Because the screen is SO big and touch sensitive it can and will use a lot of battery power.

Also there is a lack of flash on the phone. Apparently it was going to have it (and my T-Mobile rep said it had it), but apparently not yet… who knows when, and when flash is available will my phone work with it? I sure hope so, this damn thing is costing me a lot of money every month.

With the phone you MUST get a data plan, you don’t have a choice. It starts at $25 a month and that gets you unlimited data (I’m sure they slow you down after a few gigs every month) and 400 texts. Because it so easy to text and it keeps full threads of your conversations I’m sure I’ll be texting a lot more with it, so I may have to go upto the next plan. For $35 a month it adds unlimited texts! Oh, and a quick note. There is an IM program on the phone. Even tho that data is sent as data it will actually cost you 1 text per send or receive. So if you IM a lot you may want to go upto the $35 plan.

So far I do like the phone. Like I said tho, I REALLY wish the damn battery lasted longer. Once there is flash on it then the battery better last a HELL of a lot longer. The current battery is only 1150mAh… come on! I have AA batteries with over twice that mAh (2500mAh to be exact). Maybe if I could figure out how the charger works (like what pins are used, and if any data must first be sent to the phone) I can build a little carry charger. Put some AA batteries in and keep using your phone. I’ve seen them with older Samsung phones, I don’t see why I couldn’t.

Well that’s my rant, I’ll make a new post once I’ve played with the phone more and maybe I’ll keep it, I have 12 more days to decide if I like it enough to keep it.

Android G1

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